Deep Learning with Python

Certificate Included

Live Industry Projects & Case Studies



"AI will add 2.3 million jobs by 2022"~ Gartner
Program Features

"Advance Deep Lerarning Program with Computer Vision & NLP Expertise"

Instructor led Live Online Program.
Sessions Recording available to every student after each session.
Certification Program.
Blended Learning Pedagogy with Program offers Minimal Disruption To Work Schedule.
Live Projects :Hands-On LIVE Projects and Case Studies.
Participate & Win KAGGLE Competitions.
Crack Interviews Learn How to Crack Deep Learning Interviews for a new job or within the same company.
Chnage Your Domain Switch your career to Crack Deep Learning with in next 4-5 months with targetted preparation.
Strong Theoratical + Practical Knowledge Become a expert Deep Learning Engineer who knows What,When and How?
Program is specifically designed for industry professionals/Freshers who are looking for a lucrative career in premier domain of Data Science and Machine Learning.
Curriculum is Industry algined with domain expertise and cultivate individual skills for Live Industry Use cases and and applications.
Avanced Machine/Deep Learning and artificial intelligence concepts such as Neural Networks,Deep Learning Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.
Learn cutting-edge applications of learned concepts through industry projects created under guidance of industry experts: Actual Predictive Modelling OR Product Design with Real Life applications.
Apply for suitable Deep Learning, Computer Vision and NLP profiles and you will get expert mentorship which will help you prepare for best of the industry jobs.
You will get clear Career Path after course completion and would be able to crack Machine Learning Interviews soon after completion of the program.
Coming from non IT Background and No prior expreience in Coding/Programming !! Do Not worry, we have dedicated modules that will help you acquire all the required skills in a very short duration.
Skills : Deep Learning | Artifical Neural Networks | Computer Vision | Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Program Mentors

Gaurav Sir from BITS Pilani with 14+ years of industry experience

Who should take this course?

  • All working professionals who are looking to build a career in Deep Learning,Compuer Vison and NLP.
  • All students (B.Tech, BE, M.Tech, MS,MCA, MBA, PGDBM etc.) who want to learn Advance Deep Learning and start career in the most exciting & highest paid technology in the industry.

Program Details:

  • Program Duration : 12 Weeks - 24 sessions - 48 hours
  • Kaggle Live Projects and competitions
  • Weekly Assignments & Practice Projects
  • Session Length : 2 hours

Payment Plan

  • Register for the course (Make sure all the details given are correct).
  • Attend Demo Class and if you liked the demo class and want to continue, deposit 1st instalment of the Fee :
  • No Cost EMI Payment Options.
  • 1st Instalment of the Fee : ₹12,500/-After depositing the fee, ZOOM Link to attend further online classes will be shared on registred mail id.
  • 2nd Instalment of the Fee : After 6 Weeks.
Explore Program
Starting with Deep Learning
  • Introduction to Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning VS Deep Learning
  • Introduction to Neural Networks
  • TensorFlow/Theano/Keras
  • Deep Neural networks
  • Forward propagation
  • Back Propagation Learning
  • Activation Functions
  • Loss Functions
  • Hyperparameter Tuning
  • DropOut Regularization
  • Batch Normalization
  • Early Stopping
  • Vanishing & Exploding Gradient Descent
  • Optimization Algorithms
  • - Gradient descent with momentum
  • - RMS Prop
  • - Adam
  • Machine Learning on Google Colab/li>
  • Introduction to Computer Vision
  • Convolutional Neural Networks CNN
  • Residual Netoworks- ResNets
  • Long Short Term Memory LSTM
  • Case Studies
  • - Le-Net5
  • - AlexNet
  • - VGG16
  • - Google Net( Inception Networks)
  • Transfer learning
  • Data Augmentation - Keras Generators
  • Face Recognition
  • Kaggle Project on Computer Vision
  • Project-1:Image Classification Project on Kaggle
  • Project-2:Digit Classification Project on Kaggle
  • Project-3:Glucoma detect blindness Project on Kaggle
  • k-fold Cross Validation
  • Grid Search
  • Bagging
  • ADA boost
  • XGBoost
  • Light GBM
  • Ensembling Techniques
  • Stacking
  • Introduction to Natural language Processing
  • Application of NLP
  • NLTK/Genism/Spacy
  • Tokenization
  • Stemming
  • Lemmatization
  • Stop Words
  • Similarity Functions - TFIDF
  • Word Representations
  • One Hot Encoding
  • Word Embedding
  • Learning word Embedding
  • - Word2Vec
  • - SkipGram , N-Gram
  • - Negtaive Sampling
  • - GloVe
  • Recurrent Neural Netoworks- RNN
  • BiDirectional RNN
  • Gated Recurrent Unit GRU
  • Long Short Term Memory LSTM
  • Project-1:Building a Resume Classifier
  • Project-2:RASA Chatbot
  • Project-3:News Classification
  • Project-4:Mail Classification
  • Project-5:Sentiment Classification
  • Project-6:Reviews Classification
  • 10+ kaggle projects
  • 5 Major Projects:-
  • Hackathons & Competitions
  • Introduction to Kaggle Platform and other Data Science Competitions
  • Kaggle and HackerRank project competitions for PrePlacement and Job offer.
  • Acing CV & NLP Interviews
  • -Showcasing and presenting CV & NLP projects in interviews?
  • -Do's-Dont's in interviews
  • -Interviews preparation
  • Resume Preparation
  • -How to make a impressive resume?
  • -Mention right CV & NLP Projects in resume
  • -A good & a Bad resume
"A breakthrough in machine learning will be worth ten microsoft's"~ Bill Gates

Gaurav Goel

From Oracle

Mode of Classes: Online ( ZOOM Meeting )


  Duration 64 Hours
  Pre-requisites Learning Aptitude
  Batch size 10
  Start Date 24-Apr-21
  Schedule Weekend - 2 Classes per Week
  Mode Online Live Sessions
  Instructor Experts from Oracle/Amazon
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Start Date




End Date

6:00 PM IST


12 Weeks




2 Hours




In case of college exams ,Talk to the Mentor and Plan course PAUSE & RESUME as per all student's convenience.


  • Payment Options

    A/C # 916020018356139 , IFSC Code : UTIB0001082
    Bank: Axis Bank | A/C Type: Current
    Share Transaction ID with Name & Phone at

  • Fee Refund Policy

    7 Days Refund Policy. After the First week classes,student has to deposit the fee as per the course fee plan to continue with the course. We ensure that you are satisfied with the demo class and want to join the course. After 7 Days, there will be no refund of any kind. In case of any genuine issue if student is not able to attend the classes in current batch than fee can be transferred to the incoming batch but valid for next 2 months only.


The ML class undoubtedly was a perfect combination of knowledge, creativity and engaging course work. The course was precisely curated to make the complex points appear simpler. Assignments were intriguing. I was particularly impressed with the practical use of the material presented. The fact that almost everyone has the same feedback as mine proves just how powerful and influencing the course was. Thanks for guiding 'Naive' people like me and clearing our 'Biases' and 'Variances' towards ML and starting my journey in to ML world.

Parul Pandey

2nd Kaggle Grandmaster Female in World

I love learning new technologies and contributing my share to change the world in a better way. AI & Machine Learning always thrilled me and I decided to understand how Data Science/Machine Learning can help core industries in innovation. I started my journey with IT Bodhi with no prior knowledge. Starting was difficult but interesting. I am still learning and getting more and more excited with new things. Mentors Ajay and Rajnish together are excellent combination of specialists in delivering quality lectures under extremely friendly environment.

Rabindra Pal


I selected IT Bodhi after detailed research online and it came out to be a great decision to join IT Bodhi. I had an exceptional experience with IT Bodhi Classes. Commendable faculty that motivated me every time to be a smart learner. Supereminent class & environment to learn and practical application of all cocepts with real time use cases and projects. Great learning expereince at the course which really helped me rebuilding my career.

Rama Shankar Singh

Manager at Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd

I did my Machine Learning Training from IT Bodhi. I can bet you that IT Bodhi is the best machine learning training institute in Delhi NCR. It is the best course for beginners as well as professionals who wants to dig deep into the algorithms and concepts of Machine Learning. Ajay Sir and Rajnish Sir are the best trainers who helped me on live projects. I am truly grateful to IT Bodhi for their guidance at every step and it is hard to find mentors like them.

Katikr Tyagi

Placed at Grofers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time will it take to be a Deep Learning Engineer?

    If you complete this cours in Deep Learning, you will definitely be able to apply and grab entry level data scientist and Deep Learning engineer roles at any product or service level companies.

  • Is this course personalized for me?

    Yes,definitely the course is personalized to each and every individual. In our regular classes, course mentors helps in clearing all the doubts and assignments and full assistance to complete E2E Industry project.

  • Is any specific programming language experience required?

    The Program will use Python libraries. The necessary python skills can be easily picked up by anyone with no or little programming experience. Basic Python classes are part of the program. Self learning material on Python for will also be made available.

  • I am from Non IT/CS Branch, will this program help me to get job in Machine Learning/Deep Learning?

    Yes, definitely. After doing our courses, you will have sufficient theoretical knowledge to take CV and NLP learning interviews with hands-on experience in E2E industry project. Python is part of the program and Mentor will help you in learning programming basics and gradually you will be profecient in python as course progress. Python is very user friendly language and can be easily learned.

  • What happens if I miss a Class?

    It is recommended that you do not miss a class. In case it is unavoidable,session recording are always available for your reference and we would also try to conduct a special session to cover missed topics.

  • Will I get a certificate after completion of courses?

    Yes, Certificate will be given at the end of the course.